Top Picks for Kitchen Faucets

When remodeling a kitchen, there are many selections that need to be made to pull everything together. For some, the choices are overwhelming. Although choosing a sink faucet may see like a “no-brainer” initially, the faucet really sets the style for kitchen hardware and even lighting selections. Designers like to think of kitchen hardware and faucets as the jewelry which adds a distinct personal statement to the style of the kitchen.

Here are some of my favorites:

The Rohl farmhouse sink is a classic as far as sinks go. The Rohl bridged faucet is a beautiful choice for a very traditional, elegant kitchen. The most popular choices for finish are chrome, satin nickel, polished nickel and Tuscan bronze. The faucet is also available in polished brass (Inca brass) – so be prepared to see a design trend back to brass. I really like the satin nickel in this line, which gives the feel of a true aged silver. I also love the polished nickel which has a warmer undertone than the chrome. Be prepared to pay extra for finishes other than chrome in any faucet you select. The Tuscan bronze in this line is a “living” finish, which means the color will change with use and is not covered under warranty. It will age naturally and may have some oxidizing which can create some green tones. If you like the old-world feel of a handcrafted metal – the bronze may be a good choice. If you want no-fuss, stick with the chrome. rohl farmhouse sink and faucet

Tuscan Brass
Tuscan Brass

Polished Nickel
Polished Nickel

If you want to add a contemporary edge to your kitchen, my favorite faucet is the Brizo Venuto. It is available in a hands-free touch option, which is a great feature if you are a hands-on cook! Its slim line and profile is elegant and simple. The designer of this faucet, Judd Lord, was inspired by a trip to a Milan Sake Bar and the elegant shape of Japanese hair sticks. This faucet is available in stainless steel, chrome and black finishes. Brizo is the designer line of Delta.

Brizo Venuto

I’ve shared a few of my favorites and I hope I’ve given you some food for thought. There are so many options in kitchen faucets that it’s worth the time to take a look at a design and finish that will compliment your style. After all, if you’re working at the kitchen sink, it helps if it’s beautiful!

Pets are Family, Too!

Pets are Family, Too!

When considering a home remodel, consider the needs of your pets in your design plan.
Where do you keep your dog food or kitty litter? Consider creative storage options such as pull out trash bins in your kitchen or laundry design.
Need an out of the way place to kennel your dog? Create a built-in comfy bed that’s integrated into your design along with a slide out food and water station which can be slid out of the way when not in use.
food storage dogkitchen-built-in-pull-out-dog-food-bowls
Who let the dog out? Doggie doors can be very convenient. dog door
Do you have a cat that prefers running water? Touch faucets can make everyone’s lives with water

Tub Options

Tub Options

When choosing a tub, there are three basic options: a soaking tub, a jetted tub or an air tub.

A soaking tub is usually the least expensive option because there are no mechanical devices involved. There are plenty of styles available for soaking tubs. A traditional hall bath generally has a standard 5 ft. tub made of cast iron. These tubs can last for generations of use. If remodeling a traditional hall bath and replacing the tub, a modern option would be an acrylic tub vs cast iron. Acrylic tubs are lighter weight, so they can be made deeper. If you are looking to have an affordably priced deep soaking tub, an acrylic tub that fits into your traditional cast iron tub space is a great choice.

Acrylic Tub

Jetted Tubs, often referred to as the brand Whirlpool, are tubs for therapeutic use thatshoot water out of jets. They offer the most water pressure. They require the most care and maintenance, because water can sit inside the jets and cleaning the jets is an important part of maintenance to prevent mold from forming. Most jets can be cleaned by running the jets with a cleaning solution specified by the manufacturer. Brushes may be used to remove particles that accumulate in the jets. Even though the maintenance may be a bit more demanding, the therapeutic effects of jetted water pressure are the best option for someone who wants a deep water massage.

Whirlpool tub

The most recent innovation in water therapy is called an air jet tub. Rather than moving water, as in a traditional jetted tub, air is blown into the water through small pinholes in the base or lower sides of the tub, creating a gentle current. The sensation is more one of bubbles popping over the skin in a light massage, rather than a strong blast of water. The advantage to this lighter massage, other than personal preference, is that there is no accumulation of mold. Once the tub is totaair tublly drained, a shot of air is automatically blasted through the holes, preventing any standing water or debris from gathering. Because of this cleaning feature, it is ok to use bath salts or other products that are discouraged from use in a traditional jetted tub.

Thinking of Summer helps with Winter. But don’t overlook SPRING


It’s cold, it won’t stop snowing and everyone is just a tad irritable. If you weren’t able to make a snow-bird trip to some place warm and relaxing this winter, spring can’t come soon enough. Even if you were fortunate to get away somewhere warm and sunny, you’re back in the cold and probably can’t wait for spring to come either.

Some people will sit behind their desk and daydream about that perfect BBQ party in 80 degree and sunny weather realizing that there is work that needs be done before that dream comes true. Then your boss walks into your office, daydream over!

Spring is a great time to prioritize some of your home’s remodeling needs and get it ready for the summer months. Don’t wait until summer to realize you waited too long.

Creative Contracting Inc. looks forward to the opportunity in helping you complete these projects.

Reasons to remodel in the Spring:

1. OPEN THE WINDOWS (for two reasons): The first, dust is inevitable. Setting fans up in the open windows gives a place for the dust to go. The second, it can give you a place to go. Living through a renovation can be tough. Having the ability to go outside and escape can be a treat.

2. ENJOY THE SUMMER MONTHS: Too often people wait too long to start their projects and they are not done by the time they had hoped. It’s opposite of the ‘Better Late Than Never’ mentality. Get the project done before summer is here so you can show it off and enjoy the finished product.

3. TAX RETURNS: This topic probably doesn’t need an explanation, but it is a legitimate reason for a large number of spring remodeling projects.

Popular projects completed in the Spring:

1. Kitchens: Hosting those summer parties means prepping and having friends and families over. You deserve a new and beautiful kitchen that you can be proud of to get everything ready for the party and show off.


2. Porches and Sunrooms: Enjoying the outside and not fighting the bugs or rain. Seems like a win, win to me.



Where to Begin?

When beginning a remodeling process the decisions about how to approach your personal style may be overwhelming. I use many tools to help my clients find the palette and design which merges what they like with how it will meet their remodeling needs.

If you are at the initial stages of planning your remodel it is incredibly helpful to the designer to have some samples of things you like. Sometimes these are pictures of rooms that appeal to you; sometimes they can even be a more inspirational piece. I had one client who used a handmade pottery vase as an inspiration for her kitchen design. The color and subtle texture, the curves and softness of its shape, where all features we used to choose cabinet style, fixtures, hardware, countertops and tile. One of my favorite tools is the website Houzz. There the clients and I can create idea books and share pictures of specific things we like. It is wonderful to use for initial inspiration through the final design details.


Attached are some samples of ideas from Houzz for an Asian style bathroom for a couple who live in Doylestown. We used these pictures as inspiration for their design. After meticulous planning we worked together to design a bathroom that was an award winner for Creative Contracting at the Bucks-Mont NARI 2014 Contractor of the Year awards ceremony. Look for pictures and a description of their project in our next newsletter.


Please visit us at the Philadelphia Home Show this weekend at the Oaks Convention Center. We would love to see you! If you need tickets -give us a call.

Indoor Gardening.

Winter is a good time to focus a little time and energy on indoor gardening. As someone, who lacks the ability to keep houseplants flourishing – I look for low maintenance ideas. Terrariums have become my new winter garden of choice. I can decorate them, they need little maintenance and they’re a great table top accessory. The choice of containers for small plantings is endless and garden stores carry a wide variety of tiny artful ways to enhance and personalize garden scapes. For the best results, create a base for your terrarium with small stones layered with a thin layer of charcoal to help keep the soil fresh. Add some good quality potting soil and then start planting! Many garden stores are carrying miniature plants perfect for terrariums. Plants can grow quickly and overpower the container – so I tend to replant seasonally or use slow growing plants and moss. I replace flowering plants when they are finished flowering.

This is a picture of my fall terrarium.

Terrariums come in a wide variety of styles – express your creativity and add a little greenery to this dreary time of year! I know I’m looking forward to updating my terrarium with some early springtime bulbs.


Re-think your Re-model with RE-FACING

Have you been looking at your kitchen, telling yourself it’s time for a change? Before you start considering a complete remodel, ask yourself these three questions and see if there is an alternative option:

  • Let me preface this question with this statement “Everyone could always use more storage space”. That being said, is your kitchen functional in terms of layout and space?
  • Are your appliances fairly new and in working order?
  • Is budget one of the major reasons holding you back from solving this problem?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to the three questions above, you will probably be interested in reading the rest of this blog. If Creative Contracting could give your kitchen a brand new look, save you about half the cost of a complete kitchen remodel and have it done in more than half the time, would you consider calling us to see what can be done to your dated and tired kitchen?

Cabinet Re-facing is a great option to giving your kitchen a new look and saving your bank account from going into cardiac arrest. We would not have to disconnect or relocate your appliances, which means you still have a functional kitchen throughout the process.

Take a look below at a few great examples of what Re-facing can do for a dated kitchen. If you would be interested in exploring this option, give us a call today.




Is This $omething I can Afford?

Remodeling can be something you think about doing for years.  You know there is a space in your home that is dated, unusable, or just plain embarrassing.  Some people think, the worse it looks, the more expensive it will be to transform into something you are proud of.   If the dollar signs are the factor that is holding you back, take a look the three “types” of remodeling we can do for you.  Sometimes the level of remodeling doesn’t have to be as invasive or expensive as you think.

-A ‘COSMETIC’ remodel can be quick, easy and cost effective if the space and fixtures are useable but not up to date.

– A ‘PULL AND REPLACE’ remodel is typically used when fixtures or pieces of a room are not functional and in desperate need of a facelift.

-A ‘CUSTOM’ remodel is necessary when the layout is also redesigned, as well as the overall look and fixtures.

Take your pick, and stop being afraid that they will all burn a hole in your wallet.  When done right, all three options can be cost effective and the dramatic change that your home needs.










Traditional Exterior
Do I do that new Kitchen?
Do I update that bathroom?
Contemporary Bathroom by San Francisco General Contractors citidev, inc
Traditional Bathroom by New York Design-Build Firms DELUXE Design & Construction


traditional-kitchen (1)
Traditional Kitchen by New Rochelle Closet & Home Storage DesignerstransFORM | The Art of Custom Storage
Beach Style Bathroom by Boston Interior Designers & Decorators Elizabeth Swartz Interiors


New counters & tile?
traditional-kitchen (2)
Traditional Kitchen by Chicago Photographers Marcel Page Photography
traditional-bathroom (1)
Traditional Bathroom by Durham Interior Designers & Decorators Heather Garrett Design


A new shower or tub:
Midcentury Bathroom by Mercer Island Interior Designers & Decorators ID by Gwen
contemporary-bathroom (1)
Contemporary Bathroom by Orange Interior Designers & Decorators Wendy Ann Miller
If you have been struggling with what to do next, give us a call for ideas and planning. We have been designing and remodeling residential homes for more than 25 years. We offer professional planning, 3-D designs and process proven project management and construction from our staff of Certified Professionals. Serving the remodeling needs of Bucks County, Montgomery County and surrounding Philadelphia area.

No Excuses

It’s the holiday season! That means eating too much, relaxing on the couch next to a fire, eating too much, spending time with the family and making a new year resolution to GO TO THE GYM to take care of eating too much. The majority of people stick to their plan for a month, maybe even two months and then back to your hectic lives that doesn’t leave time to go to the gym. What if you didn’t have to leave your home to stick to your resolution? The days of dark, dingy workout rooms are gone. Take a look at these ideas below that could transform your unused space in your home into an inviting and useful work-out room. Make this New Year resolution a life time resolution!

Finding Space

As winters chill settles in, many of us start to go a little stir crazy, stepping over one another, clutter everywhere, kids gaming while mom and dad wanting to just curl up in front of the fireplace to relax and watch a movie, no place for friends to just hang out. If this sounds familiar a fun and easy solution might be that unused space below ground! It can be the perfect space where the whole family can enjoy classic games and compete head to head in action-packed video games, the kids have a retreat and you know where they are.

Take a look at some ideas below and transform your area into the perfect spot for a family game night! On a budget this is a really simple way to finish off some extra space (paint the ceiling black, paint the floor and walls, some area rugs):

A little more sophisticated for the adults in your home, incorporating the existing beams into the design and adding lots of “molding detail” to define and refine:

Open stair is much more inviting, duct work hidden with soffits, warm, inviting, bright and cheerful:

Natural light always adds charm while providing piece of mind if there should be an emergency:

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The story of an inspirational journey.

This Holiday Season …
We are thankful for our wonderful clients.

A recent contest prompted us to do something we’ve been thinking about for a while now and we are so pleased with the results! Please read the story of Gretchen Stoffel, a truly inspiring client, and the remodel which changed her life. If you think this story is award-winning, please vote for us! Also, if you are interested in being featured in a video testimonial – let us know. We’d be happy to feature your story on our website.