Our Process of Home Remodeling in Montgomery County, PA and Nearby Areas

With a traditional construction project, you hire a designer who meets with you to discuss the remodeling job, then works up drawings and an estimate. Then you must find a contractor to do the actual construction who also meets with you and develops his own estimate. The process is time-consuming and is more costly. We do things a little differently. Stay here to learn more about how we provide home remodeling Montgomery County, PA homeowners love.

At Creative Contracting, we do what’s called Design Build. Both the design and construction of your project are handled by our in-house experts. This gives us two big benefits: the first is that it streamlines the process, saving you time and money. Second, we can take full responsibility for our work, so if you have a problem it’s on us to fix it.

Our certified designers work closely with our customers to create a custom tailored design for any project, and then our construction team works to turn dreams into reality! Our system ensures that the customers know exactly what their project will encompass, how it will look, and what it will cost.

Remodeling Design

1. Consultation

When we get a phone call from a client we set an appointment for an initial consultation. We have an office staff, which means you will talk to a person – not a machine! At the initial meeting we will consult with you on ideas for home remodeling in Montgomery County, PA or nearby communities, review the potential budget and explain the Project Development Agreement.

Kitchen Design Creative Contracting

2. Design

We work closely with our clients to design a project that is functional and beautiful. During this phase we closely examine the areas that are to be transformed. As-built measurements are taken, photographs of the site and areas that may be affected by the construction process are taken for review, and municipal codes and ordinances are examined. We begin our preliminary designs.

Now it’s time for more of your personal input! You will be able to see a computer-generated image of your project, ask questions, make changes, and begin to fine-tune your plans.

A very specific contract will be drawn up for the work to be completed. You will have an opportunity to review the contract and modify it during the design phase. Once the contract and budget are finalized Creative Contracting will receive a retainer fee and the project will move into production.

Design Consultation

3. Scheduling

As a communicative and focused general remodeling contractor, we prioritize working together with our clients to plan out every stage of the project – what needs to happen first, how long each stage will take and which portions of the project that can happen concurrently.

Kitchen Installation Collegeville PA

4. Construction

We’re set to begin! Construction plans are drawn, permits are obtained, and the start date is finalized. Our staff will be available to help you finalize your material selections (paint, tile, appliances, etc.) and place any necessary orders.

A lead carpenter who has passed stringent testing and experience qualifications will be assigned to your job. You will also have a weekly meeting with the production manager to review the construction process of your home remodeling in Montgomery County, PA or neighboring areas and make sure everything is going according to plan, to discuss questions, and to alleviate any concerns. Open communication is the key to a successful project!

Remodeling Process

5. Completion

Once construction is completed you will be asked to complete a Customer Satisfaction Survey. During the survey, a walk through of the project will be conducted and we will ensure that all of the work has met your expectations. We will then present you with a completion book which details all warranties and your personal design selection.

Remodeling Consultation

6. Warranty

Creative Contracting will contact you at 6, 12, and 24 months after the project is completed to make sure that all of your expectations have been fulfilled and that you continue to enjoy your home remodel. We prioritize being your go-to general remodeling contractor for all of your redesign needs.