Aging in Place Renovations

What Is Aging in Place?

Simply put, aging in place means being able to stay in your home as you get older. Many homeowners find themselves unable to perform daily tasks such as bathing, moving around the home, climbing stairs, or reaching items they need in the kitchen. When unable to complete these tasks, many people are forced to move to a new home, move in with family members, or move to a nursing home facility. But there’s a better option: aging in place renovations.

What Are Aging in Place Renovations?

An aging in place remodel is when a trusted remodeling company, like us here at Creative Contracting, provide your home with the renovations it needs to allow you to stay in your current home for years to come. Our goal during aging in place renovations is to create a safe, comfortable, and accessible home that is functional for you and your needs.

What Are Some Examples of Aging in Place Renovations?

During an aging in place remodel, we can make any renovations that will help you to live your daily life with more ease. This could include renovating the bathroom, kitchen, your bedroom, doorways, stairs, and more! Here are some common examples of aging in place renovations that help people continue their daily routines as they age.

  • Widening doorways to accommodate a wheelchair
  • Adding a seat in the shower for comfort
  • Swapping your existing toilet for a comfort-height toilet to make sitting and standing easier
  • Lowering the height of sinks in the kitchen and bathroom
  • Installing grab bars and handrails in the bathroom, stairs, and other areas of the home
  • Adding a wheelchair ramp, chair lift, or elevator
  • Adjusting countertops and shelving for easy accessibility


If you are struggling with daily tasks in your home due to accessibility problems, get in touch with us today at Creative Contracting. We’ll provide your home with the solutions you need to age in place.