Gorgeous in Grey: Turning a Cramped, Dated Kitchen into a Spacious, Modern Marvel

As the heart—and hub—of the home, a modern kitchen should make it easy for a family to cook and connect while beautifully representing their personal style. At Creative Contracting, we understand that every kitchen renovation is a unique opportunity to transform not just a space, but the way our clients live and create cherished memories in their homes.

Dark, cramped, and cut off from the rest of the main floor, our recent clients’ 30-year-old kitchen was in desperate need of an update that would give them a functional space to enjoy for many more years in their beloved home. The homeowners knew they wanted a brighter, more open layout that would allow for better flow and more family time spent together in the kitchen.

The Challenges

A classic older kitchen, this space featured a U-shaped, one-person work area that confined the home chef, making it difficult to host while preparing a meal. Soffits, peninsula cabinets and lowered ceiling heights blocked natural light, while Formica countertops, dated track lighting almond-toned appliances, and the original cabinets painted off-white all added up to a dated look that felt far from the modern, inviting space the homeowners envisioned.

In terms of functionality, the kitchen didn’t have enough room for the whole family to gather without feeling overwhelmed. While the eating area could comfortably seat six, it was awkwardly placed between the prep area and the neighboring living room, creating a flow that didn’t quite work for the family’s needs.

A New Layout

To open up the space, our expert team began by removing the soffits and overhanging cabinets to let in the light from the windows in the original eating area.

We then removed the old pantry closet and adjoining wall to reposition the refrigerator and microwave for easy access. A countertop cubby that houses the landline phone, charging station and mail drop also provides the perfect spot to set plates from the microwave.

With the peninsula gone, a new island with plenty of storage and an integrated outlet serve as a functional focal point, allowing for easy flow—and conversation—into the dining area. Our passion for crafting seamless transitions shines through in this transformed space, creating a kitchen that feels open, airy, and connected to the rest of the home.

Fantastic Finishes

A soft gray and neutral color palette brings a fresh, clean brightness to the new space.

Crisp white Shaker-style cabinets around the perimeter blend well with a textured gray subway tile backsplash, which reflects the light with its sheen. In contrast, the island’s light gray cabinet base adds a layer of interest while picking up the tone of the new LVF flooring and the upgraded stainless-steel appliances.

Quartz countertops with just the right amount of veining add definition, while cabinet pulls in a beautiful mid grey serve as just the right finishing touch.

Details Matter

We love walking our clients through the many selections available to achieve their personal vision. In this kitchen, quartz countertops with just the right amount of gray veining add definition and coordinate beautifully with the white and gray cabinets, gray tile backsplash, and the warm-toned flooring. For any project, hardware is like a jewelry accessory. Here, the new Ash Gray Top Knobs pulls add the perfect pop – not too light, and not too dark – just right! 

Finally, a lovely vent hood above the stove and new induction cooktop serves as a stunning alternative to the old microwave that originally sat in the same space. The new appliances not only look great but also provide the homeowners with the latest in cooking technology, making meal preparation a breeze.

Functional Details

The improved functionality of the kitchen reaches beyond the added counterspace. After removing the track lights and overhead cabinets, we brightened up the space with new LED recessed lights, gorgeous glass pendants, and under-cabinet lighting—all controlled by dimmable switches—to create the perfect ambiance or workspace. The layered lighting design ensures that the homeowners have the right illumination for any task, whether it’s cooking, cleaning, or simply enjoying a quiet moment in their new space.

Storage is always an issue for any kitchen, so we designed this one with deep cabinet drawers throughout the space and custom pantry cabinets surrounding the fridge. These thoughtful storage solutions provide ample space for everything from cookware and small appliances to dry goods and cleaning supplies, keeping the kitchen organized and clutter-free. Furthermore, a deep sink makes it easy to temporarily conceal dirty pots and pans during a dinner party; and speaking of messes, the luxury vinyl flooring we selected is one of the most practical options on the market for cleaning up spills and withstanding high-traffic areas.

Finally, with the old peninsula gone, the dining area feels larger than ever—and much more connected to the activity in the main part of the kitchen. The homeowners now have a space that can comfortably accommodate family and friends, whether they’re gathered around the island for a casual meal or seated at the dining table for a special occasion.

Built for the Future

Our clients couldn’t be happier with this refreshed kitchen that hits all the right notes for their family’s lifestyle and aesthetic. After decades of a too-small space, our clients can now enjoy an open concept that’s perfect for connecting with loved ones and building memories for many years to come. The improved layout, updated finishes, and enhanced functionality all contribute to a kitchen that truly serves as the heart of their home.

At Creative Contracting, we’re dedicated to turning our clients’ dreams into reality, and this kitchen renovation is a testament to our expertise and passion. If you’re ready to transform your kitchen into a space that reflects your unique style and enhances your daily life, contact us today to schedule a consultation. With our guidance and craftsmanship, your dream kitchen is closer than you think.

Spring Home Maintenance Checklist: 10 Things to Review After Winter

With April in full swing and the summer season just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to give your home a thorough check-up. Spring is a season of renewal, and just like nature, our homes need some extra care and attention to ensure they’re ready for the upcoming months. To help you get started, we’ve put together a list of 10 essential things to review in your home after the winter.

  1. Inspect your roof: Winter weather can be tough on your roof. Look for any missing, damaged, or loose shingles and schedule repairs if needed.
  1. Clean your gutters: Clogged gutters can cause water damage to your home’s foundation. Clear out any debris and ensure that water is flowing freely.
  1. Check your windows and doors: Look for any gaps or cracks in your windows and doors that may have developed during the winter. Seal them to improve energy efficiency and prevent drafts.
  1. Service your HVAC system: Schedule a professional tune-up for your air conditioning system to ensure it’s ready for the summer months ahead.
  1. Inspect your foundation: Check for any cracks or signs of moisture in your home’s foundation. Address any issues promptly to prevent further damage.
  1. Test your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors: Replace the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and test them to ensure they’re working correctly.
  1. Clean your dryer vent: A clogged dryer vent can be a fire hazard. Clean it out to improve your dryer’s efficiency and safety.
  1. Inspect your deck or patio: Look for any signs of damage or wear and tear on your outdoor living spaces. Make necessary repairs and consider giving them a fresh coat of stain or paint.
  1. Check your plumbing: Look for any leaks or signs of water damage around your pipes, toilets, and sinks. Address any issues promptly to prevent costly repairs down the line.
  1. Tidy up your landscaping: Remove any dead branches or debris from your yard, and trim back any overgrown plants or trees. This will improve your home’s curb appeal and prevent potential damage to your property.

By taking the time to review these 10 essential items in your home, you’ll ensure that your property is ready for the spring and summer months ahead. To make it even easier for you, we’ve created a handy checklist you can download and print out for your convenience.

[Download Your Free Spring Home Maintenance Checklist]