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What to Know About the Design Build Remodeling Method

You may not feel completely satisfied with your current home in North Wales, PA. If you feel like your home could benefit from some significant changes, you should strongly consider opting for design build remodeling. Keep reading to find out why you should pursue this type of project by hiring a professional company.

Simpler Communication

In a typical construction project, the homeowner will have to work separately with their preferred architect and building team. Those parties don’t work directly with each other, so the homeowner often has to fill in the gaps. On the other hand, design build remodeling contractors approach projects differently.

You are only hiring a single firm to take on your project, so they will manage it from start to finish. Whether you’re at the design stage or the construction phase, you are still working with the same company. Since the people working on your home are all on the same team, you can expect them to communicate with each other effectively to ensure the continued progress of the project.

Easier to Implement Change Orders

According to House Method, 39% of homeowners opt to renovate so they can enjoy their properties more. It’s often difficult to enjoy your remodeled property if it doesn’t line up with your vision. Unfortunately, this can happen if your designers and builders are independent entities. If you see something you don’t like, changing it is difficult because that means hiring an architect again.

With a design build remodeling company, you can implement change orders without making any additional hires. The architect who designed your home is still reachable, so you can ask them to tweak the design plans. Implementing change orders is easier when important team members remain involved throughout the project!

Design Build Remodeling Is the Future

Lastly, you should know that homeowners and major industries alike are investing in the future of design build construction. In fact, according to FMI Consulting, spending on design-build construction projects is expected to exceed $400 billion by 2025. Design build has consistently delivered results for many property owners, driving its steady growth.

Hiring a design build company could be the solution that you need to finally build or remodel the home you’ve always wanted. Reach out to Creative Contracting today and let’s start drawing up remodeling plans for your North Wales, PA home!

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5 Benefits of Having a Bigger Kitchen

A new kitchen can completely change the way your home looks and feels. According to a study by the National Association of Realtors, 95% of people enjoyed spending more time at home after upgrading their kitchens. If you’re thinking about hiring a home remodeling contractor to extend your kitchen, here are five benefits you should know about.

1. Open Space

There’s nothing worse than feeling crowded in the space you cook and eat, and that’s a big problem for a lot of homeowners. When you have a bigger kitchen, you can keep the same amount of counter space and room for appliances while having plenty of open space. This is especially helpful for busy families who are all trying to eat, cook, and get out the door each day!

2. Storage

If you struggle to find places to put all your dishes, pots, pans, and utensils, you’re not alone. Upgrading your kitchen is the best time to add more storage options, and that’s one of the benefits of a bigger space that you’ll notice immediately.

3. Versatility

Your options can be a bit limited if your kitchen is on the smaller side, but larger spaces are more versatile because you have more room to work with. Whether you want to add a flat-top grill or install a pot filler, you’ll have plenty of room in a large kitchen.

4. Seating Space

Kitchens are a popular spot to socialize in many homes, and more space equals comfort when you invite friends and family over to sit and enjoy snacks and drinks. You can even talk to your home remodeling contractor about converting part of the space into a bar or a breakfast nook!

5. Cooking

Cooking in a small kitchen can be frustrating, especially with multiple people. When you upgrade, you’re giving yourself more space to roam around as well as add more storage and counter space. If you adore cooking, baking, or meal prepping, you’ll love having a large kitchen.

Limited space can cause a lot of problems in the kitchen, especially if you like cooking elaborate meals. If you’re looking for a home remodeling contractor to expand your kitchen, give Creative Contracting a call to talk about your project today!

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Radiant Remodel: A Luxurious Modern Kitchen Makeover

When you’re a family who loves to cook and spend time together over a warm stove, every detail of your kitchen matters. Such was the case for our Wynnewood clients, who came to us wanting to transform their kitchen by adding in more light, as well as space for gathering and storing all of those cooking necessities. We got to work by presenting a design that the family loved, and from there, our team started meticulously transforming this traditional kitchen space. 

Never Feel Left Out in the Kitchen Again

One major pain point we often hear from homeowners is in regard to a kitchen that feels isolated and cut off from the rest of the home. We’re big proponents of opening up and unifying spaces to make everyone feel more connected. To achieve this goal at our Wynnewood client’s home, we eliminated several walls that separated the kitchen from the other living areas. This immediately opened up the space, making it feel more open and airy, in addition to conveniently connected to the other rooms. 

The Right Colors Bring a Kitchen to Life

It can be a bit daunting choosing the colors for a new kitchen with so many options for cabinetry, countertops and decorative backsplashes. That’s why we’re happy to help our clients through the process. Our design team stays on top of the latest trends while having a strong background in timeless styles and designs. We’re happy to show you renderings that help you to visualize what your new space will look like before committing to a decision. 

For our Wynnewood clients, classic navy blue cabinets were the perfect choice to create both a modern and elegant look. This same blue was used on the kitchen’s new exhaust hood which sits atop the streamlined countertop burners. We complemented this rich color choice with sophisticated brushed gold drawer pulls. The look is further enhanced by sleek gray subway tiles at the backsplash, which feature a glossy glaze that catches the eye and lights up the space. To finish off the look of the room, we carried through the wide plank flooring into the kitchen, giving it a natural warmth that perfectly pairs with the deep blue and soft gray of the space. 

Come Together Over Cooking Time

We knew our clients wanted to enjoy a kitchen space that provided room for every family member to gather at the same time. Whether it was chatting while prepping a weeknight pasta dinner or entertaining family and friends for the holidays, their new kitchen needed to be designed for memory-making. So we crafted a spacious island with plenty of space for seating and storage. We carried the gorgeous quartz countertop and navy cabinetry over to the island to create a cohesive and high-end look. Now the family can relax and enjoy each other’s company while meal prepping together in their serene and luxurious new kitchen. 

Are you ready to update your kitchen to suit your family’s needs? Creative Contracting can help you visualize a bright, beautiful and color-rich space that’s perfect for entertaining and gathering with family and friends. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!