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What Aspects Should You Add to Your Aging in Place Renovation?

Planning an age-in-place renovation is a great way to make your home more comfortable and accessible as you get older. Here are some of the key aspects you should consider when planning your remodeling project in North Wales, PA.

Consider Your Stairs

According to Comfy Living, baby boomers and Gen-Xers make up more than 80% of all homeowners who are renovating. Many of these homeowners are embarking on aging in place renovations since they are looking to stay in their homes and make them more accessible. Those who live in multi-story homes should consider adding features to their stairs such as stairlifts, ramps, and handrails. These features will make climbing the stairs easier for those who have difficulty with mobility as they age.

Choose the Right Flooring

It’s important to choose the right type of flooring for any renovation, especially when you’re getting older. While carpet is a popular choice, it can be difficult to navigate with mobility aids such as wheelchairs and walkers. Hardwood floors are generally easier to navigate and won’t create an obstacle for those who use helpful tools. Additionally, non-slip tile floors are also a great option since they provide extra traction to reduce the risk of falls.

Add Essential Safety Features

When renovating your home, you should also consider adding grab bars in the bathroom and shower, which will help prevent slips and falls. You may also want to add rails or handrails on stairways and ramps. Finally, you should also consider adding motion-sensing lighting in hallways and stairwells to make it easier to see when navigating your North Wales home at night.

Make Sure the Renovation Is Accessible

It’s important that any aging-in-place renovations made to a home are accessible for everyone in the household. Doors, pathways, and other areas of your home should be wide enough to easily accommodate wheelchairs and walkers. Additionally, doorknobs should be replaced with lever handles since they’re much easier to use for those with limited mobility.

Consider Home Automation

Finally, you may want to consider home automation as part of your renovation. Automation will allow for the control of various items in your home, such as lights and temperature, from a single remote or smartphone app. This addition can be especially useful for those with limited mobility who may not be able to get up and adjust settings manually.

By considering these aspects when planning an aging-in-place renovation, you can ensure that the renovations are tailored to meet the needs of everyone living in the home. Get in touch with our team today to start planning your next home remodeling project in North Wales, PA.

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Basement Remodeling Ideas You Should Try This Year

Getting help from a basement remodeling contractor can help spruce up and add value to your home. Working with a design build remodeling service can help you bring your new basement ideas to life, so here are some concepts you should consider trying this year.

Add Modern Amenities

According to Comfy Living, most houses in the U.S. need remodeling and improvement because around 80% of them are more than two decades old. If your basement is included in this statistic, you should consider modernizing it with some of the latest amenities. This could include adding a wet bar, installing stainless steel appliances in a kitchenette, and improving your current lighting fixtures.

Utilize Wall Space

Another great idea for your basement remodeling project is to make use of the wall space that’s available. Having shelves or wall-mounted cabinets installed can really open up a room while creating extra storage options. You can also get your walls painted in different colors or hang artwork to give the space more character.

Transform It Into A Home Theater

If you’re looking for something unique, why not consider turning your basement into a home theater? This is an excellent way to enjoy movies and shows with the whole family while also creating a cool atmosphere. You can add comfortable seating, dim lighting, and even a snack bar if you want.

Create A Multi-Purpose Room

Many homeowners are now opting for multi-purpose rooms in their basements. A multi-purpose room can encompass combining a studio and an art space, or a bedroom with a home office. Feel free to explore re-fashioning an older space into an entertainment room where you can host parties or a home office where you can get work done. With this type of remodeling project, the possibilities are endless!

Consider Finishes

When it comes to adding finishing touches, it’s important to think about flooring, as this can make a big difference to the functionality and aesthetic of your space. You can choose from carpets, tiles, or vinyl depending on your preferences. You can conceptualize further and opt for decorative tiles, wallpapers, or even wood paneling to give your basement a unique and cozy look.

These are just a few of the many basement remodeling ideas you can try this year. If you’re looking for an experienced, high-end basement remodeling contractor in North Wales, PA, get in touch with us today!

A Montgomery County Kitchen Gets a Light and Airy Remodel 

When our clients began their kitchen remodel journey with us, they knew they wanted a light and airy welcoming space with room for their family to gather. What they didn’t realize was that once they decided on the design, finalized the budget and agreed upon a timeline, they thought they’d gotten over the biggest hurdles. But then reality set in and decisions needed to be made on cabinets, hardware, and appliances —and the possibilities seemed endless and overwhelming. 

Decisions, Decisions

The homeowners painstakingly weighed every decision to create a beautifully designed kitchen. Refreshing traditional red oak floors were lightened to remove golden undertones, creating a lighter shade that coordinates beautifully with the neutral white oak island. We were able to expand the white oak through the space with custom shelving, an accent file folder and charging storage cabinet, and a new mantle in the adjoining family room.

A light wood table, chairs and bar seating continue the feeling of soft neutrality. Namibian white quartzite and white glossy tile with a handcrafted look, add a subtle, soft texture to the space. This neutral backdrop allows the beautiful Brizo luxe gold faucets to pop. The cabinet hardware echoes the intricate knurling of the faucet design. In this case, thinking of hardware as a jewelry accessory for the kitchen makes perfect sense.

Gold Highlights Create a Vibrant Kitchen

Light fixtures add vibrancy to the gold highlights and paned glass doors in the upper cabinetry supply ambient light, creating a soft glow. All lighting is on dimmers, so it’s easy to create the desired atmosphere at any time of the day. This gorgeous, subtly neutral kitchen is easy to accessorize with pops of color and natural greenery.

The additional set of windows flanking the original French doors to the backyard change the entire feel of the space and offer a beautiful view of the lovely patio and provide more natural light.

Creative Contracting Can Transform Your Kitchen

We love working with clients who are completely involved in their projects. Working closely to create a successful and satisfying kitchen design is extremely important and rewarding. Ready to lighten up your kitchen? Get started today.

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How a Bathroom Remodel Can Help You Age in Place

Aging in place is a major concern of members of the Baby Boom generation in or approaching retirement, as well as older Generation X members who are beginning to approach their retirement years as their 60th birthday comes closer. Many have started plans for an aging in place remodel of their homes by adding features that will become useful as their aging continues and mobility declines. Better yet, according to a 2018 cost vs value report by Remodeling, bathroom remodels typically return 70% on their investment when you sell your home. Let’s take a look at how making this investment will help you age in place in North Wales, PA.

Why Age-Proof Your Bathroom?

Bathrooms can be among the most dangerous spaces in the home for seniors. Bathrooms by nature have floors that become slippery when wet. The curb of the bathtub may present a barrier for people with limited lower-body mobility. Planning these remodels doesn’t have to be expensive, but it should be done before you need the features for aging.

Widening Doors and Spaces

An underestimated need in age-proofing bathrooms is making the doors and spaces in the bathroom wider. This feature is a critical need for an aging in place remodel as older adults will often need to add pieces like walkers and wheelchairs as mobility declines in older years, or injuries require mobility assistance.

Widening doors by even as little as a few inches can improve the mobility of a walker or wheelchair user inside the bathroom, giving them space to maneuver without risking a fall by picking up and turning the device.

Grab Bars, Curbless and Nonslip Showers

Much more commonly understood than doors and spaces is the need for grab bars and handles around fixtures like toilets and showers. These critical fixtures help make life much easier for people with limited mobility in their legs to get on and off their toilets and avoid slips and falls in the shower.

In addition to grab bars, many adults lose the ability to lift their legs high enough to enter and exit conventional showers as they get older and can lose their balance on slippery flooring. Nonslip flooring and curbless shower stalls can make it much easier to maneuver.

The value of an aging in place remodel on the bathroom is not just monetary. It’s a crucial investment in your ability to remain in your home. To get started with your renovation, don’t wait to get in touch with our experienced team in North Wales, PA today.