EPA to Contractors; “Get the Lead Out”

As of April 22nd, 2010, contractors are required to comply with new EPA regulations related to disturbance of lead-based paint. The regulations apply to homes and child occupied facilities built before 1978 (when lead-base paint sales were phased out). Contractors who work in these settings need to be trained in, and follow, best practices to minimize exposure to lead hazards. The practices are designed to protect both the worker in the field, and the homeowner. Furthermore, contractors are required to provide homeowners with pre-renovation educational materials as well as post renovation reports detailing the work and the protective measures.

We at Creative Contracting as always are, commitment to our clients’ comfort and safety is nothing new. Dust shields, drop cloths and conscientious cleaning have long been standards for our remodeling work. To ensure a seamless transition to the new guidelines, all of our field staff as well as Kim and Bob has been or will be trained and certified.

If you are concerned about lead safety on your upcoming renovation, give us a call. More information can be found atepa.gov/lead.