Creating an Indoor Endless Pool for Family Therapy and Fun

Meeting Special Therapy Needs

When Doug and Christina found themselves facing the challenge of suspended therapy sessions for their son due to pandemic closures, they knew they needed a solution. Their son’s special therapy needs prompted them to explore options for year-round access to a pool. Water therapy offers a myriad of health benefits, especially for individuals with specific therapeutic requirements. Thus, the idea of an indoor Endless Pool was born.

The Home Addition

To accommodate their vision, a small home addition was incorporated into their home, adjacent to the existing sunroom. This addition seamlessly connected to the house, providing convenient access to the pool from both the sunroom and a staircase leading from the garage. 

The split-level design of their home made it effortless to access pool equipment from the garage. Safety regulations were diligently met by ensuring the stairs could be folded away when not in use, ensuring a secure pool entrance.

Family Excitement

While the primary motivation for the pool was the therapeutic needs of their son, it quickly evolved into a source of excitement for the entire family. All three children, along with their parents, eagerly anticipated the endless possibilities the pool offered. From leisurely floating with pool noodles to the invigorating exercise of swimming laps against the Endless Pool’s current options, there was something for everyone to enjoy.

A Visionary Touch

Nestled against a backdrop of a picturesque golf course with stunning sunsets, the family’s daughter had a vision. She imagined the walls of the pool room adorned with colors mirroring the breathtaking sunset views they cherished. Collaborating with Katie DuBree of, the family meticulously selected the hues for the walls. Together, they envisioned the warm, orange glow of the sun setting in the west corner of the room, bringing the beauty of the outdoors inside.

The Ultimate Exercise: Fun

This family’s journey from a suspended therapy session to the creation of an indoor Endless Pool was not just about fulfilling a need; it was about embracing possibilities, fostering connections, and cherishing moments of sheer happiness.

For Creative Contracting, the most gratifying aspect of this project was witnessing a loving family come together to create a special place where fun transcended mere activity. Beyond addressing therapeutic needs, the indoor Endless Pool became a sanctuary where laughter, joy, and bonding flourished. It exemplified how a thoughtful addition could not only cater to practical requirements but also enrich the lives of those it serves. 
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