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How New Floors, Walls, and Lighting Can Transform Your Property

Making foundational and aesthetic changes to your property can liven up your space and enhance a room’s functionality. Whether you’re looking to update the durability of your kitchen’s floors or use compatible lighting in a newly designed bedroom, these changes can make a world of difference to your property. Read here to learn more!

Possibilities With Updated Walls

When you partner with a skilled home remodeling contractor such as Creative Contracting, you have the opportunity to completely transform your existing wall configuration. Our experienced team can expertly remove walls and build a redesigned layout that perfectly aligns with your ideal home design. Whether you envision an open concept kitchen or desire distinct rooms, we can make significant alterations to your home’s wall layout to bring your vision to life.

Consider Hardwood Floors for Your Kitchen

When it comes to home renovation projects, materials matter to homeowners. According to Catalina Research (Floor Covering Weekly’s Statistical Report), hardwood flooring accounts for 12.9% of the overall floor-covering market. A new flooring solution can add protective properties to your kitchen that it did not possess before, all while complementing your kitchen’s current visual design.

Renovations, like new flooring installations, are just a piece of our exceptional services. Consult with our team of designers and construction experts to learn about our flooring installation timeline, materials offered, and flooring solutions that will best fit your interior design vision.

New Lighting Fixtures

Our team of experts is here to implement comprehensive changes and additions to your bedroom that maximize its visual potential. New lighting fixtures sourced by our team of designers can radically shift the feel of the space. Having bedroom lighting that is compatible with the natural light that seeps into the room, complementary of the wall’s colors, and suitable for the home’s electrical needs is a major benefit.

Whether you’re looking to have your open concept kitchen, bedroom suite, bathroom, or laundry room remodeled, Creative Contracting is the team to call. As a prestigious home remodeling contractor in the Lansdale, PA area, we’re dedicated to being the go-to, single provider of high-end property transformations. From beginning to end, our design build process ensures that the entirety of your project is handled by a single team of experts. Don’t hesitate to give us a call today to schedule a consultation.

Top Rooms to Renovate During Your Home Remodeling Process

When you decide to renovate your home with the help of a home remodeling company, you may be wondering what rooms or areas of your home to focus on first. If you’re just looking to increase your property value or if you want to improve your living space for your family, you want to work with a reliable and reputable company. If you’re not sure where to start, continue reading as we discuss the top rooms to consider renovating first.


Everyone knows that the kitchen is oftentimes considered to be the heart of the home. After all, it’s the place where families gather, meals are prepared, and countless memories are made with your family. When you opt for a modern kitchen, be sure to look for the best kitchen designers in your area. Consider updating appliances, countertops, and cabinetry for a fresh look. A professional home remodeling contractor can walk through the options with you.

Primary Bathroom

The bathroom should act as your own personal sanctuary, as it’s a place to relax and unwind after a long day. When you opt for a remodel, you can transform the space into a spa-like experience. This could be a real draw for potential homebuyers if you’re interested in selling someday. Potential features to consider adding include a soaking tub, a rainfall showerhead, and even heated floors. Did you know, according to the World Toilet Organization, the average person visits the toilet 2,500 times per year? That makes it crucial to craft a relaxing space.

Living Room

The living room is probably where you and your family spend the majority of your time. Not only that but it is one of the first rooms guests see when they enter your home! You want to make a good impression with this room. Consider renovations including updating the flooring, painting the walls, and adding custom shelving across the walls.

If you’re looking to truly change your home for the better, consider hiring the team at Creative Contracting. We are one of the top design build remodeling contractors in the Lansdale, PA area. Our team can take a look at your home and help you make your remodeling dreams come true. If you’re looking for a top home remodeling company, reach out to us today.

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3 Benefits of Reimagining Your Basement With a Remodel

One of the most forgotten parts of your home is the basement. Whether you use it as a storage room or a laundry room, you may want to consider updating or upgrading it with a basement remodeling contractor from our team in Lansdale, PA. Let’s take a look at three benefits of doing so.

1. Raise the Value of Your Home

When you’re thinking of finishing your basement, you want to take property value into account. Many potential buyers, or your future family, are looking for a home with a finished basement because they won’t have to worry about finishing it later. Adding flooring, better walls, or even an additional bathroom to the basement can boost your property’s value. Ensure your project goes well with help from a home remodeling contractor.

2. Enhance the Functionality of Your Home

If you’re looking to increase the livable space in your home, then the basement is a great area to focus on. Also, if part of your basement is used as a laundry room, then you can improve the functionality and flow of doing laundry by adding shelving and cabinets to store all of your laundry necessities. With so many ways you can transform this space, you can get everything you’ve been wanting with a renovation.

3. Improve Storage and Organization

Along with adding storage to make your day-to-day life more functional, as mentioned above, you can also ensure your stored items are organized. By remodeling this area of your Pennsylvania home, you’ll benefit from smart storage and a finished basement so there’s no chance of any water damage. This way, your stored items can be safe all year long. Also, with built-in shelves, your important documents can be off the ground and in safe condition.

According to ComfyLiving, in the United States, most houses need remodeling and improvement because around 80% of them are at least 20 years old. Is your basement outdated, or is it only being used as a storage room? You should love every area in your home. Don’t wait to start planning a remodel with our experienced home remodeling company. Give Creative Contracting a call today to start planning your next design build remodeling project with our reliable team.

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How Kitchen Colors Affect Style and Ambiance

According to a study by the National Association of Realtors, 93% reported that they have a greater desire to be at home after completing a professional kitchen remodel. Plus, a whopping 95% also stated that they have an increased sense of enjoyment when at home. Are you ready to begin a kitchen upgrade with a top general remodeling contractor? Here are some color ideas to help you see what a remodel can accomplish in terms of style and ambiance.


You may be interested in upgrading your kitchen but keeping its roots. A timeless kitchen is beautiful yet functional and fresh. You may turn to a color combination like blue and white for this style of kitchen. The white will maintain a clean and classic look while blue accents will tie the room together to create a soft pop of color.


Only a top-notch general remodeling contractor providing for Lansdale and North Wales, PA like Creative Contracting is experienced enough to design a bold kitchen for your home. This may consist of unique light fixtures, shimmering shelves to hold accessories, bold wallpaper, a creative backspace, and more. A bold kitchen wouldn’t be striking without color, though. You may turn to a deep red and gold combination or a dark green with silver accents. Using various colors may be up your alley, too, if you choose to expand the size of your kitchen to make room for all the creative touches you desire!


You may be interested in a neutral kitchen after the design build remodeling service you hire finishes upgrading this key space in your home. If you chose to go with an open concept kitchen, then neutral colors will help the bigger space flow into other rooms in your home. Colors you may choose for this classic look may include white, cream, beige, grey, and soft brown. To pull the kitchen together, use wood accents for your island, cabinetry, chairs, decorations, and more.

When it comes to professional home remodeling, it’s important to choose colors that align with the style and ambiance of your new kitchen. Whether you want a timeless, bold, or neutral look for your new kitchen, our team of the best kitchen designers can help. Contact us today to get started with the kitchen remodel you’ve been dreaming about for your home in North Wales and Lansdale, PA.

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What Can an Open Concept Kitchen Do For Your Home?

Gone are the days of isolated, closed-off cooking spaces; today’s homeowners are embracing the concept of combining the kitchen, dining, and living areas into one seamless, open layout. This shift in kitchen design has been driven by various factors, including the desire for more functional spaces, increased social interactions, and a preference for a more contemporary aesthetic. According to Kitchen Infinity, the demand for open concept kitchens has skyrocketed, with a remarkable 23% increase in kitchen remodeling projects in the last 12 months alone. Let’s explore why open concept kitchens are so sought after and what they can do for your home in North Wales, PA.

Enhances Social Interactions

By removing walls and barriers, the cook is no longer isolated from the rest of the household or guests during meal preparation. Instead, family members and friends can gather around the kitchen island or sit at the adjacent dining table, keeping the conversation flowing effortlessly. This home remodeling plan encourages a more connected atmosphere, making the kitchen the heart of the home.

Increases Natural Light and Space

A revamped kitchen can dramatically improve the flow of natural light throughout the space. With fewer walls obstructing sunlight, the entire area feels brighter, more spacious, and more inviting. This influx of natural light can have a positive impact on mood and overall well-being, creating a more cheerful and vibrant living environment.

Creates a Sense of Modernity

Open concept kitchens inherently exude a sense of modernity and sophistication. The seamless integration of various living spaces gives the home a contemporary look and feel, reflecting current design trends. This aesthetic appeal not only adds value to the property but also allows homeowners to express their style through interior decor and furnishings.

Maximizes Functional Space

By removing walls, an open concept kitchen optimizes the use of available space. It eliminates the need for hallways and doorways, which allows homeowners to make the most of their square footage. This practicality is particularly beneficial for smaller homes or apartments, where every inch of space matters. Additionally, it provides the opportunity for creative storage solutions and versatile design options.

If you’re considering a kitchen remodel in North Wales, PA, then embracing the open concept might just be the perfect choice for your lifestyle and needs. That’s why you should work with our kitchen and bathroom remodeling company, Creative Contracting. We are design build experts that have the resources to craft the kitchen of your dreams.

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The Perks of Having an Outdoor Kitchen

Do you love to cook? Do you also enjoy being outside, especially as summer approaches? Well, with an outdoor kitchen remodel from a professional team in North Wales, PA, you can do both those things at the same time. Read on to learn more about the perks of having an outdoor kitchen on your property.

Add Value

According to Kitchen Infinity, kitchen remodeling projects have increased by 23% in the past year. As you can see, more and more homeowners understand the value of updating their kitchens. So, if you have a modern indoor kitchen, as well as an outdoor one, you can really up the value of your property for any potentially interested buyer.

Expand Living Space

If you have enough backyard landscape, then you can expand your current livable space. Why not expand that area with another area to cook in? An outdoor kitchen remodel is a great way to extend your home’s space in a highly functional way.

Entertain More

Do you enjoy outdoor entertainment? What better way to impress your guests than with an outdoor kitchen? If you have a large summer party, birthday gathering, or holiday blowout, an outdoor kitchen remodel makes it easier for you to cook and entertain outside where there’s more space.

Have Space for More Cooks

If you have more than one cook in your family or amongst your friend group, then an outdoor kitchen remodel gives everyone the space to be a part of the cooking action during a get-together. Multiple people can do the grilling, frying, prep, chopping, and dicing at the same time.

Enjoy the Weather

An outdoor kitchen gives you the right space to enjoy the summer weather in North Wales, PA. That way, when it’s time to cook dinner, get ready for a party, or put together a lunch feast, you can enjoy the outdoors and not be stuck inside when it’s beautiful weather.

Thanks to the advancement in the home renovation industry, you no longer have to keep the heavy-duty cooking inside. From fire pits to advanced grills to outdoor kitchens, you now have many ways to do all types of home cooking outside any time of year. If you’re interested in making this dynamic home advancement, then contact our local team today for more information.

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5 Important Questions to Ask Professional Remodeling Services

Remodeling your home is a great way to make your property the ideal living environment for you and your family. It’s also a great way to add value to your home by modernizing any room, including your kitchen and bathroom. According to House Method, more than a fourth of all homeowners renovated one or more bathrooms in 2022. If you’re considering doing something similar, then here are five important questions to ask professional remodeling services before hiring one.

1. Can I See Work Samples and References?

Any worthwhile design build remodeling service should have plenty of great work examples to show you. They also should have several local references that you should check in with to get a better idea of the quality and manner of the work they do. If neither is available, then you might want to find another contractor.

2. Are you Insured and Bonded?

Remodeling your home is a big investment and it’s important to find a professional who’s covered. Your choice in design build remodeling services should include a contractor who is insured and bonded to protect your home. Make sure this is one of the first questions you ask when trying to find the right company in the area to keep your home safe.

3. How Can I Lower My Utility Bills?

A quality design build remodeling service also should have access to the latest environmentally friendly products that help to reduce your utility usage without sacrificing your living standards. Smart bathrooms are a good example and can help reduce your water and electricity usage, which in turn lowers your utility costs. Your contractor also should know of other ways to improve your home and lower your costs, such as installing a tankless water heater.

4. Who Obtains the Remodeling Permits?

You can’t begin a design build remodeling project without the proper permits from your local unit of government. One of the many advantages of working with Creative Contracting is that we can obtain all the permits for you, so you don’t have to worry about them. As a dependable design-build firm, we want to ensure you have all of the permits in North Wales, PA before your project is started. Having them in place before starting the project helps to prevent delays and unexpected fines.

5. How Long Will the Remodel Take?

If you have a tight schedule, it’s important to know how long the renovation will take when hiring a professional team. This way, you can prepare in advance and minimize disruptions. Your contractor should tell you the plan and the order in which work will be done.

You can learn more about our professional design build remodeling services by calling our team today. We’d be happy to help you start planning your next project. Get the home you’ve been dreaming of in North Wales, PA with help from us.

4 Benefits of Having Your Bathroom Remodeled

A bathroom is essential to any home, and its design and functionality can significantly impact your daily routine. With the average person using their restroom 2,500 times per year, according to the World Toilet Organization, it’s no surprise that homeowners in North Wales, PA are investing in bathroom remodels. Let’s discuss four key benefits of a restroom renovation, specifically a master suite remodel, by a high-end custom builder.

1. Enhanced Functionality and Comfort

One of the top reasons to invest in a master remodel is its enhanced functionality and comfort. A well-designed bathroom allows for better organization, improved storage solutions, and increased accessibility. Working with a reputable custom builder can create a space tailored to your needs, ensuring your restroom becomes your sanctuary.

2. Increased Home Value

Investing in a bathroom remodel can substantially boost the value of your property. An upgraded master suite can be a significant selling point for potential buyers, mainly when designed with high-quality materials and finishes. Homeowners in North Wales, PA who choose to invest in this project can expect to see a return on their investment when they decide to sell their property.

3. Improved Energy Efficiency

Another benefit of a master suite remodel is improving energy efficiency within your home. You can significantly reduce your water and electricity consumption by incorporating modern fixtures and appliances, such as low-flow toilets and energy-efficient lighting. High-efficiency lighting helps you save on utility bills and contributes to a more sustainable living environment.

4. Enhanced and Customized Aesthetics

Lastly, a master remodel helps you build a bathroom that reflects your unique style. By partnering with a high-end custom builder, you can choose from a wide range of materials, fixtures, and finishes to create a restroom that complements the overall design of your home. This customization can lead to a more cohesive and visually appealing living space, significantly enhancing the enjoyment of your home.

Investing in a primary suite remodel offers numerous benefits, including enhanced functionality, increased home value, improved energy efficiency, and customized aesthetics. By working with a high-end custom builder in North Wales, PA, you can ensure that your restroom remodel meets your specific needs and preferences while providing a lasting return on investment. If you’re interested in exploring the idea of a master suite remodel, contact our team of experienced professionals at Creative Contracting today. We look forward to helping you create the bathroom of your dreams!

How Kitchen Remodeling Presents New Design Opportunities

In the world of home improvement, kitchen remodeling has become an excellent choice for homeowners seeking to enhance the look and functionality of their living spaces. This space is regularly considered the heart of the home, where everyone gathers to share meals and create memories. As a result, many homeowners in North Wales, PA and the surrounding areas are investing in design build remodeling projects that transform their kitchens into beautiful and functional spaces their families adore.

Let’s discuss how investing in a high-end kitchen remodel presents new design opportunities in your own home.

Innovative, Open-Concept Layouts

A recent study by ProLine revealed that nearly 25% of homeowners choose to expand their kitchens up to 50% larger during renovation projects. This trend highlights the growing desire for spacious, open-concept kitchens that provide ample cooking, dining, and entertaining room. By opting for a professional design build approach, homeowners can seamlessly transition from their current layout to a new, innovative design tailored to their needs and preferences.

New Technology

One of the most significant benefits of remodeling is the opportunity to incorporate cutting-edge technology and appliances into the design. Modern kitchens often feature energy-efficient appliances, smart home integration, and innovative storage solutions that improve the overall aesthetic and enhance the space’s functionality. Professionals work closely with homeowners to identify the best tech-savvy features for their unique needs, creating a customized space that is both stylish and practical.

Inviting Spaces for Entertaining

Another advantage of remodeling is creating an inviting atmosphere that reflects the homeowner’s style. From choosing the perfect color scheme and materials to selecting unique lighting fixtures and architectural details, a design build remodeling team can help bring your vision to life. You can create a stunning and functional space by incorporating custom cabinetry, high-end countertops, and luxury flooring options.

Professional Workmanship at Your Fingertips

For those living in the Montgomery County area, partnering with a local design build remodeling team can ensure the project is smooth and successful. These professionals have an in-depth understanding of kitchen style trends and can provide valuable insights into design and materials that will enhance the value and appeal of the home. Moreover, they have established relationships with local suppliers and artisans, ensuring that every aspect of the project is completed to the finest standards of quality and craftsmanship.

A high-end remodel presents an exciting opportunity for homeowners to transform their living spaces into dream kitchens that suit their needs and preferences perfectly. By partnering with a design build remodeling team in North Wales, PA, you can have a stunning, functional cooking and entertaining space that will be the heart of your home for years. If you’re ready to explore your options, contact Creative Contracting today.

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How to Make Your Primary Bathroom Feel Bigger

If you love your home but are not crazy about your primary bathroom because it is too small, there are ways you can make your primary suite larger. According to Statista, about 33% of homeowners renovated their primary bathroom in 2021. Here’s how master suite remodeling can expand your bathroom space and customize it to your specific needs.

Meet Your Remodelers

Before you make any remodeling plans, you should get to know your contractors. Reinventing your space with the help of a trusted remodeling company should be a collaborative, enjoyable process. Communicating your needs to remodelers that will be there with you every step of the way, such as design build remodelers, will help them devise a design strategy that will transform your bathroom.

Move Things Around

You may look at your primary bathroom and not see how it would be possible to make the space larger. Your contractors of choice will be able to move items that you would not be able to on your own so that more square footage is made available. Also, a remodeling team that provides a group of expert designers, such as a design build company, can make recommendations on new decor that will broaden the dimensions of your primary suite.

Color Schemes and Upgrades Matter

An easy way to make any room look larger is to choose colors for the room that reflect light. Lighter colors can easily open up the space and make it look larger. Light wall colors, flooring, and trim work can trick the eye into thinking there is more room than there is.

Furthermore, asking your professional remodelers to upgrade your closet doors to something more modern can also make the space feel bigger. Maybe these upgrades take up less space than your previous doors; there are many small changes that can be made that have a large impact on making your room feel bigger.

With the help of a remodeling contractor, your primary bathroom can feel grander and bigger than ever. If you are looking for a design build remodeling company that is capable of all of your primary suite remodeling needs, call Creative Contracting today! We handle both the design and construction of projects in Lansdale, PA, and we’d love to discuss how we can assist you, too.

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Kitchen Features You Should Remodel First

Your kitchen is the heart of your home, so it’s important to make sure it reflects your style and needs. Renovating your kitchen can be daunting, but making the right decisions can be rewarding. You can even liven things up by including an outdoor kitchen remodel for your patio. Here are some popular kitchen features to consider when remodeling your home in Lansdale, PA.

1. Countertops

According to ProLine, countertops are the most renovated kitchen feature, with 91% of homeowners opting to update them. It can range from replacing old countertops with new ones to adding custom design elements. Countertops come in granite, quartz, marble, laminate, and more. It’s essential to consider the style you’re trying to achieve when deciding on a material, as well as the maintenance that comes with it. All of these factors can help you find the right countertops for your family’s lifestyle.

2. Backsplashes

Coming in second place is backsplashes, with 86% of kitchen remodels including an update, according to ProLine. This feature adds a unique touch to your kitchen and can be used to incorporate color or texture. Backsplashes come in a range of materials, such as tile, stone, and glass. Consider adding a unique feature, such as an outdoor kitchen backsplash to give your outdoor space a special look.

3. Sinks

More than 80% of homeowners choose to update their sinks during a renovation, according to ProLine. Sinks come in several materials, such as stainless steel, porcelain, and cast iron. It’s important to consider the size of the sink you’ll need based on your needs and kitchen layout. You may even consider adding a secondary sink for an outdoor kitchen remodel.

4. Cabinets

You can’t have a usable kitchen without enough cabinet space, so it’s essential to keep your cabinets in good condition. Replacing existing cabinets or adding new custom ones can give your kitchen a completely new look. You also want to consider the materials of your cabinets so they can withstand wear and tear over time.

No matter what kitchen features you choose to remodel, consider your needs and desired style. Updating popular features such as countertops, backsplashes, sinks, and cabinets can bring new life to your kitchen. Contact our local remodeling team in Lansdale, PA for a consultation.

Outdoor Kitchen Renovations You Should Get Done Before Summer

With an outdoor kitchen, you can make the most of the warm summer weather in North Wales, PA. An exterior kitchen is amazing for entertaining and can increase the living space in your home. If you’re planning outdoor kitchen renovations, then consider these improvements.

Expand Your Outdoor Kitchen

According to ProLine, approximately 24% of homeowners opt to expand their kitchen, making it up to 50% bigger. Why not take the same strategy when you remodel your outdoor kitchen? Adding a pergola or an awning near the dining area could increase your dining space, which will allow you to get more enjoyment out of your kitchen. You can accommodate more guests in the area and have more room to prepare meals outside.

Prioritize Lighting

Summer is known for its long days, but adding more lighting to your outdoor kitchen is still smart. Task lights can give you all the lighting you need to cook, even after dark. You may also want to look into ambient lighting that will improve the atmosphere of your dining area when entertaining. Options like pendant lighting can give your kitchen a gorgeous glow.

Add a Beverage Station

It can get hot when you’re cooking outdoors, especially in summer. With a beverage station, you’ll be able to stay hydrated and keep cool, even when the oven is on. Many outdoor beverage stations have other useful features, like a wet bar. This station is a simple addition that can make your kitchen more usable.

Consider a Fireplace

If you’re interested in outdoor kitchen renovations, then a fireplace or firepit is one of the best additions you can make. You’ll love gathering around the fire with your family and friends, especially on chilly nights. Outdoor fireplaces come in various styles, ranging from fire tables to striking stone fireplaces. Fireplaces are a functional feature that can elevate the look of your outdoor kitchen!

Upgrade Your Appliances

One of the best ways to update any kitchen is to install new appliances. With the right outdoor oven, you’ll be able to prepare delicious grilled dishes for your guests. A pizza oven is an especially great addition to a backyard dining space. You may also want to look into other appliances, like outdoor refrigerators and stoves.

If you can make outdoor kitchen renovations before summer arrives, then you’ll spend lots of time in the sun and have a place to host your friends and family all summer long. Outdoor living spaces are always helpful, but you can transform your backyard kitchen into a great entertaining space with a few improvements. Contact us if you’re ready to start your renovations in North Wales, PA today!