How Kitchen Colors Affect Style and Ambiance

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According to a study by the National Association of Realtors, 93% reported that they have a greater desire to be at home after completing a professional kitchen remodel. Plus, a whopping 95% also stated that they have an increased sense of enjoyment when at home. Are you ready to begin a kitchen upgrade with a top general remodeling contractor? Here are some color ideas to help you see what a remodel can accomplish in terms of style and ambiance.


You may be interested in upgrading your kitchen but keeping its roots. A timeless kitchen is beautiful yet functional and fresh. You may turn to a color combination like blue and white for this style of kitchen. The white will maintain a clean and classic look while blue accents will tie the room together to create a soft pop of color.


Only a top-notch general remodeling contractor providing for Lansdale and North Wales, PA like Creative Contracting is experienced enough to design a bold kitchen for your home. This may consist of unique light fixtures, shimmering shelves to hold accessories, bold wallpaper, a creative backspace, and more. A bold kitchen wouldn’t be striking without color, though. You may turn to a deep red and gold combination or a dark green with silver accents. Using various colors may be up your alley, too, if you choose to expand the size of your kitchen to make room for all the creative touches you desire!


You may be interested in a neutral kitchen after the design build remodeling service you hire finishes upgrading this key space in your home. If you chose to go with an open concept kitchen, then neutral colors will help the bigger space flow into other rooms in your home. Colors you may choose for this classic look may include white, cream, beige, grey, and soft brown. To pull the kitchen together, use wood accents for your island, cabinetry, chairs, decorations, and more.

When it comes to professional home remodeling, it’s important to choose colors that align with the style and ambiance of your new kitchen. Whether you want a timeless, bold, or neutral look for your new kitchen, our team of the best kitchen designers can help. Contact us today to get started with the kitchen remodel you’ve been dreaming about for your home in North Wales and Lansdale, PA.