open concept kitchen

How New Floors, Walls, and Lighting Can Transform Your Property

Making foundational and aesthetic changes to your property can liven up your space and enhance a room’s functionality. Whether you’re looking to update the durability of your kitchen’s floors or use compatible lighting in a newly designed bedroom, these changes can make a world of difference to your property. Read here to learn more!

Possibilities With Updated Walls

When you partner with a skilled home remodeling contractor such as Creative Contracting, you have the opportunity to completely transform your existing wall configuration. Our experienced team can expertly remove walls and build a redesigned layout that perfectly aligns with your ideal home design. Whether you envision an open concept kitchen or desire distinct rooms, we can make significant alterations to your home’s wall layout to bring your vision to life.

Consider Hardwood Floors for Your Kitchen

When it comes to home renovation projects, materials matter to homeowners. According to Catalina Research (Floor Covering Weekly’s Statistical Report), hardwood flooring accounts for 12.9% of the overall floor-covering market. A new flooring solution can add protective properties to your kitchen that it did not possess before, all while complementing your kitchen’s current visual design.

Renovations, like new flooring installations, are just a piece of our exceptional services. Consult with our team of designers and construction experts to learn about our flooring installation timeline, materials offered, and flooring solutions that will best fit your interior design vision.

New Lighting Fixtures

Our team of experts is here to implement comprehensive changes and additions to your bedroom that maximize its visual potential. New lighting fixtures sourced by our team of designers can radically shift the feel of the space. Having bedroom lighting that is compatible with the natural light that seeps into the room, complementary of the wall’s colors, and suitable for the home’s electrical needs is a major benefit.

Whether you’re looking to have your open concept kitchen, bedroom suite, bathroom, or laundry room remodeled, Creative Contracting is the team to call. As a prestigious home remodeling contractor in the Lansdale, PA area, we’re dedicated to being the go-to, single provider of high-end property transformations. From beginning to end, our design build process ensures that the entirety of your project is handled by a single team of experts. Don’t hesitate to give us a call today to schedule a consultation.