Designing a Nursery

Designing a nursery for a new baby is a very exiting process. Planning an environment for your new little one to experience the world, is an act of love. Safety, security, comfort and happiness should all be taken into account when planning this space for your bundle of joy!


Crib: make sure that your crib meets today’s safety standards. Many family heirlooms have been recalled or do not have today’s safety features.

Changing table: Honestly, babies can be changed anywhere! If you have room for a baby changing station, it is great to have everything all in one place. Changing tables are a comfortable height and offer storage solutions for all of your baby care products.

Clothing storage: If you have a chest of drawers in your baby’s room, please make sure it is anchored to the wall. Toddler’s love to climb and there is nothing more tragic than a death caused by falling furniture. It is a simple fix and it’s a life-saver!

Rocking Chair: A rocking chair in a nursery is a sweet reminder of the wonderful bonding time between a parent and child. Although those times may take place with a colicky baby in the middle of the night, there is also hope that they are magical moments of love and lullabies.


The décor in the nursery is as personal as every family. This is the fun part – be creative and express your love and care through your own sense of style. Consider what your baby will see and determine the placement of art and mirrors with a crib-view in mind. Color and pattern can be soothing or entertaining. Here are some pictures to inspire.

Miles bedroom is stenciled in a gray and chartreuse pattern.
Miles bedroom is stenciled in a gray and chartreuse pattern.
Macy's Nursery is painted in pearlized pink checkerboard
Macy’s Nursery is painted in pearlized pink checkerboard