Finding Space

As winters chill settles in, many of us start to go a little stir crazy, stepping over one another, clutter everywhere, kids gaming while mom and dad wanting to just curl up in front of the fireplace to relax and watch a movie, no place for friends to just hang out. If this sounds familiar a fun and easy solution might be that unused space below ground! It can be the perfect space where the whole family can enjoy classic games and compete head to head in action-packed video games, the kids have a retreat and you know where they are.

Take a look at some ideas below and transform your area into the perfect spot for a family game night! On a budget this is a really simple way to finish off some extra space (paint the ceiling black, paint the floor and walls, some area rugs):

A little more sophisticated for the adults in your home, incorporating the existing beams into the design and adding lots of “molding detail” to define and refine:

Open stair is much more inviting, duct work hidden with soffits, warm, inviting, bright and cheerful:

Natural light always adds charm while providing piece of mind if there should be an emergency:

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