It’s that time of year when we know that the summer is coming to an end and the months of holiday entertaining and winter weather are just around the corner. It is a great time to get projects done around the home and we would be happy to help with any projects, large or small, that you would like to get an early start on. If you have been wanting to spruce up your kitchen or some other room in the house, we have some time before the holidays. Please feel free to give us a call for any home improvement, maintenance or repair needs now. Also – check out the following article which has some great suggestions for improving storage space. This time of year is often a time of reorganization as we get ready for the holidays.

In the meantime – enjoy autumn and some of the most beautiful days of the year!
~ Bob and Kim DuBree


Double Your Storage with Simple Creativity

One of the most common complaints we hear from our clients is lack of storagespace. What they don’t realize is that even owners of the smallest homes can doubletheir storage space with some simple but creative modifications. Here are some ideas:


• Appliance garages–special cabinets with roll-down doors–can hide items liketoasters, mixers, and food processors to free up counter space. Extra-deepcounters also make a difference.
• Under-cabinet knife slats provide a protected spot to store utensils. Existingcabinets can be replaced with deeper or taller models that reach to the ceiling.Use the top shelves for rarely used items.

” Built-in refrigerators, perhaps faced with the same materials as your cabinets,can save space in a small kitchen.

• A separate pantry, which holds many items within easy reach, is anothervaluable storage space. Narrow, vertical areas can provide the perfect place tostore mops and brooms.

• An island can improve traffic patterns in the kitchen while adding tons ofstorage. Slide-in cutting boards, pot racks, even an extra sink can be built in tomake a big difference. Open shelves on one side can make food preparationquicker too.

Workshops or Garages
• Here, organization is very important. A place for everything and everything inits place can make a small space seem much more spacious. Pegboards canhold hooks for tools, paintbrushes, or just about anything. Accessories can bepurchased to store small items like nails; some accessories hang right on thepegboard.

Master Bedroom
• Under-the-bed rolling drawers can hold extra clothes or linens. A built-incedar closet can keep your woolens safe from moths. This can be created froma portion of a current closet.

• Outfit your closet with double hanging rods, drawers, shoe holders, and hooksto create a space for everything.

Bedrooms, Living Rooms, or Dens
• Window seats and built-in book shelves can create a private nook whileproviding a place for books, toys, or linens.

• Appliance garages work in the kitchen, so Why not in the bathroom? A”garage” houses brushes, hair dryers, combs, and can include an electricaloutlet, too. Medicine cabinets can be surface mounted or recessed betweenstuds. Custom cabinetry affords optimal use of space. Vanity-to-ceiling andfloor-to-ceiling built-ins that combine open shelves and enclosed cabinets aredecorative as well as utilitarian.
• While standard height for most sinks is 30 to 32 inches; most adults can use abasin more comfortably when it’s 34 to38 inches high. This extra heightallows for more storage; an extra shelf in the area below the basin and additional drawers on the sides.


With a little creativity, your home can provide up to twice as much storage space as you’re now using. For specific ideas for your home, give us a call or email We’re full of ingenuity!

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Happy Holidays!
Gifts! Gifts! Gifts!
Sometimes in the flurry of holiday gift giving it’s nice
to know that a gift is truly meaningful and can change a life.
This year Creative Contracting is hosting a charitable drive for
Heifer International. We think of the wonderful gifts we have
been blessed with and the wonderful opportunities we have as a
small business that are not available in many parts of the world.
Heifer International gives families in third world countries an
opportunity to create a business that generates money and food
for their communities.Heifer International helps bring hope, dignity and self-reliance to families
and communities around the world. Heifer has already lifted more
than 20.7 million families out of poverty and with your support,
they’ll be able to help even more. Please make a tax-deductible
donation today and gift us Heifer animals this holiday season!
Did you know that: 

For every $500 donated, Heifer can provide 1 Dairy Cow
$150 donated, Heifer can provide 1 Llama
$120 donated, Heifer can provide 1 Goat
$20 donated, Heifer can provide 1 Flock of Chicks

Just something to consider when deciding what to give towards. And
of course, anything you give will make a lasting difference and
is much appreciated.

here to make a donation

Creative Contracting is on Facebook and we also have a link to the fundraiser there. Please like our page and, if you wish, share our fundraiser with
your FB friends!

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Happy Summer!

Kitchen Gatherings

How much is a new kitchen worth to you? For each client we work with there is a different answer. A kitchen upgrade might be a new countertop and backsplash tile or a simple reconfiguration with new cabinets. Sometimes, it’s the function of the “working” kitchen that is the problem: not enough storage, lack of counter space, awkward access to appliances. And sometimes, the client wants to change the kitchen from simply a working kitchen to the hub of their home. Repurposing an original kitchen to meet the dreams of an open entertainment hub, often involves a major renovation, sometimes including an addition, movement of walls, reconfiguration of where appliances are located, new windows, doors and updates to connecting rooms. At Creative Contracting we can help you determine the best fit for your family, your goals and your budget.

The pictures of the following kitchen involved a total repurposing of space. The laundry room was relocated to the basement in order to create one large room connecting the kitchen to the family room. It is difficult to believe that the large window seat and eating area once were home to the laundry room. The kitchen itself gained some width with a small 3 foot bump-out. Every convenience is planned in detail for the function of this kitchen. Hidden storage of refrigeration, dishwasher, pull-out Kitchen Aid mixer cabinet, knife storage, and of course, hidden trash and recycles are all neatly hidden behind beautiful custom cabinetry. Large pantry storage and deep drawers for pots and pans make this the perfect kitchen for people who love to cook and entertain. Everything they might need for food prep is easily accessible, and with such a beautiful layout, with continuous flow between family room, kitchen and formal dining room – a GREAT room was created!